Zero unbillable admin
Zero data loss
Zero time not captured
Zero emails not filed

AI-Powered Email for
Innovative Law Firms

What would the impact be if all billable work were captured and non-billable work eliminated? Meet ZERØ.

ZERØ brings the power of artificial intelligence to one of the legal industry’s most intractable problems: email management. Countless hours are lost for lawyers on filing emails and attempting to piece together the billable time spent interacting with emails. This results in frustration, lost productivity, and, most importantly, lost revenue. Additionally, as clients are demanding more efficiency and a higher level of transparency around fees, lawyers must find ways to track their billable time with greater accuracy than ever before.

ZERØ gives lawyers those hours back by filing emails, passively capturing all billable time spent on email on a mobile device, and providing additional productivity-enhancing features. That’s why ZERØ simply makes the lives of lawyers better.

Built-in productivity and security tools for lawyers, including features like data loss prevention and the ability to sort emails by importance, urgency, and client value.
Billable time is captured and billing entries are automatically created for all mobile work, including the date, client, matter, elapsed time, and a complete draft narrative.
Clients and regulators are subjecting law firm data to increasingly rigorous governance requirements. ZERØ’s AI determines the right DMS destination to file emails individually in batches or automatically, keeping law firms one step ahead on compliance.

Help Your Lawyers Work Less and Bill More

Download our business case to see how ZERØ can enable lawyers to be more productive and generate more revenue.

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“ZERØ’s fully integrated email management across mobile and desktop provides our lawyers with standardized e-mail features whether they are working remotely or in the office, using a laptop or a mobile device, and without any security compromises or additional infrastructure changes.”

Maks Agamir

Chief Information Officer

“With ZERØ, our lawyers can more seamlessly manage their inbox content while reducing the friction to accomplish those tasks. ZERØ’s time capture capabilities also provide attorneys visual time cues to align revenue with their client success efforts.”

Jerry Justice

Chief Information Officer

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“ZERØ’s products offer an unparalleled host of features that we expect to make a meaningful difference to our Firm, and we found the seamless integration with iManage and Intapp Time compelling. ZERØ’s mobile and desktop applications will enable improved email compliance and give our lawyers more time to focus on delivering outstanding service to our clients.”

Ross Forgione

Chief Information Officer