AI-Powered Email Management for NetDocuments and iManage

Date: December 17, 2018

Time: 12:00 ET

Location: Virtual


Mobile lawyering and cloud computing have not made our attorneys more productive nor our firms more profitable—yet.

Firms using NetDocuments or iManage find their attorneys too many clicks away from effortlessly filing emails. And firms using a mobile time entry system can capture most things, except mobile email activity–the very thing they do most on mobile devices.

Welcome to ZERØ: AI-powered email management and automated mobile time capture.

ZERØ helps attorneys do less and earn more. By removing productivity drags from mobile lawyering, ZERØ eliminates the administrative drag of email management while automatically increasing billable time capture and, therefore, profitability.

In one touch, ZERØ:

  • Files emails into NetDocuments and iManage without having to figure out where it goes.
  • Captures billable time and creates complete billing entries for, all client email activities on a mobile device.
  • Allows attorneys to benefit from an array of productivity features that bring real AI to the email inbox – wrong recipient detection, for instance, and filtering emails by importance.

And with a UX so friendly, there’s no user training required.