ZERØ is a technology company that offers three email management designed to addres some of the most common–and costly–administrative tasks of the working lawyer while looking and behaving like Apple Mail.

ZERØ for Mobile is available on iPhones and iPads. ZERØ for Desktop is available as an Outlook add-in.

ZERØ for Mobile enables lawyers to file emails seamlessly to folders or to their document management systems with the tap of a button and capture the time that they spend interacting with emails from their mobile devices. ZERØ’s smart filters also enable lawyers to sort emails by parameters like importance or sender. The Wrong Recipient Detection feature warns the user about potential wrong recipients before an email is sent. You can learn more by visiting ZERØ for Mobile.

ZERØ’s Outlook Companion is an Outlook add-in that automates and streamlines the email filing process for lawyers with its intelligent predictions of filing destinations in the document management system and ability to set email filing to “autofile.” You can learn more by visiting ZERØ Outlook Companion

ZERØ Lite enables firms without a document management system to access the power of ZERØ by streamlining the process of moving emails to folders and passively capturing the time that they spend interacting with emails from mobile devices. You can learn more by visiting ZERØ Lite.

ZERØ integrates with NetDocuments and iManage. ZERØ Lite does not require usage of a document management system.

ZERØ integrates with iTimekeep and Intapp. We are actively working to support other time entry platforms as well.

Using edge computing, ZERØ processes emails directly on the user’s device. No data ever leaves the device for processing. You can learn more on our Technology page.

ZERØ’s automatic, passive, and contemporaneous time capture feature is only available on mobile devices.