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Bloomberg Law Insight: What’s ‘Innovative’ in BigLaw? It’s More Than the Latest Tech Tools December 11, 2019 - Innovation takes more than acquiring the newest technology. Hogan Lovells’ lead innovation partner Mark W. Brennan and Ryan Steadman, chief… Read More
For Lawyers, Auditing Your Time Management Workflows Can Make You More Productive December 9, 2019 - Technology, mobile devices, and an ever-expanding suite of applications can enhance productivity, efficiency, and collaboration and ensure a more efficient… Read More
The Potential of Passive Time Capture: Let’s Look at the Future, Not the Past December 3, 2019 - I’ve just caught up with Gaby Isturiz’s post on passive time capture, which she wrote in response to Sean Laroque-Doherty’s… Read More
The Physical and Mental Costs of Modern Lawyering December 2, 2019 - In 2016, the American Bar Association and the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation published the results of its national study on… Read More
ILTA White Paper: How the Future of AI, Automation, and Data Will Impact General Counsels November 21, 2019 - In this article, Ryan Steadman, ZERØ's Chief Revenue Officer, writes about how artificial intelligence (AI) will enhance (not replace) the… Read More
ZERØ Hires Legal Tech Veteran David R. Robinson as New VP of Product November 18, 2019 - Robinson will spearhead new time capture products for ZERØ, drawing upon 25+ years of industry experience creating compliant time capture… Read More
Is Texting the New Normal for Client/Lawyer Communications? November 7, 2019 - Today’s world is one of immediate gratification — and law firm clients are not immune. Although surveys indicate that lawyers… Read More
Why have automated timekeeping programs failed to gain a foothold in the industry? November 1, 2019 - The sooner law firms bill clients, the sooner they get paid. Everyone knows that, but the billing process gets bogged… Read More
ROI First…Invoice Later: ZERØ AI-Enabled Email Management System for Lawyers Delivers Actual ROI October 9, 2019 - This article, written by Jean O'Grady, originally appeared in Dewey B Strategic. Every vendor I deal with talks a good… Read More
The Rising Cost of Mental Fatigue October 2, 2019 - In this article, Ryan Steadman discusses the very real impact that small interruptions and distractions can have on a lawyer's… Read More