Our Story

At ZERØ, our mission is to build intelligent products to enable people to achieve operational excellence by automating time-consuming tasks — so they can achieve more than they had ever imagined with less than they ever thought was possible.

What ZERØ Does

ZERØ’s first line of products was built to solve one of the legal industry’s most pressing problems – email management. In an age where lawyers are performing an increasing amount of work from their mobile devices, law firms are finding that they are losing profitability because lawyers are unable to accurately capture and record that billable time. We have created our product to not only minimize that revenue leakage, but actually provide law firms with new revenue opportunities by automatically tracking time, creating time entries, and filing emails into the DMS. By intelligently automating administrative tasks, ZERØ's mobile application and Desktop Companion for Outlook help increase lawyer productivity and profitability.

Our History

Although ZERØ was founded in October 2014, the genesis of our products began much earlier. One of our founders was the core member of a team that successfully created a tool for skin cancer detection. In order to comply with regulations securing data privacy for patients, the group’s core innovation was to build and implement heavy computational algorithms that efficiently and accurately process personalized data without ever having that data leave the device. Because this technology lives on-premises, the security risk is significantly decreased, but the quality of the predictions is not affected.

With the advent of this technology, the founding team quickly realized that it could be applicable beyond the medical field to other industries that are highly regulated and require special attention to keeping sensitive data private. Despite a growing reliance on mobile devices and email for communication, no tool existed that could automatically, accurately, and securely manage emails.

Our team became dedicated to the mission of using this secure and accurate technology to solve email overload once and for all, spending three years intensively developing our product for law firms before launching in the summer of 2018. Accurate data categorization, helpful suggestions and predictions, and a personalized approach to automating one’s daily email routine with edge computing became the DNA of ZERØ’s products.

Our goal in the next three years is to help law firms around the globe achieve optimal productivity and profitability by automating their most tedious administrative tasks – while maintaining the strictest standards on data security.

How We Work

At ZERØ, we are intensely focused on solving real problems and creating the best possible experience for our end users. We strive to constantly solicit feedback from our clients to ensure that our product remains helpful and easy to use. Read more