Apple Mail May Have Made Your Law Firm Vulnerable to a Data Breach

Since the iPhone was released in 2007, the device itself, as well as its native applications, has been promoted by Apple as maintaining the highest standards of security. But what if we told you that an unknown flaw in Apple Mail’s software may have compromised your data? Apple Mail’s Latest Security Flaw Typically, for an

The Lives of Lawyers: How Technology Can Help Lawyers Collaborate When Working from Home

None of us expected when this year began that by the end of March, we would be asked or required to avoid going to the movies, restaurants, or even to the office, all of which would dramatically change our standard ways of working, our standard workflows and processes and our own outlook on the world

The Lives of Lawyers: A Life of Six-Minute Increments: Using Technology to Rediscover Why We Went to Law School

“Law school,” two words that us lawyers probably idealized at some point, tend to depreciate in importance as we graduate. The reason for this is primarily that reality often doesn’t match the dream, and actually practicing law is a far cry from what we think it will be when we sit in our first class.

The Lives of Lawyers: How Lawyers Can Stay Healthy When Working from Home

As the novel coronavirus continues to tear through the world, professionals are being encouraged, and in some areas, mandated to work from home, to reduce the risk of infection and the mounting burden on our healthcare system. Overnight, what was once viewed as a work-life balance perk at law firms has become our new reality

Life Hacks for Lawyers: Are You Taking Advantage of Your Browser’s Productivity Features?

Every lawyer spends some portion of his or her day engaging with a browser like Google Chrome or Safari, whether for research or to engage with web-based applications. But while many of us are accustomed to having a dual monitor set-up in our offices that allows us to easily navigate between different windows, we may

AI in Your Pocket? The Potential of Edge Computing to Lead Technological Transformation at Law Firms

Law firms tend to be conservative when purchasing technology solutions—and for good reason. Lawyers are entrusted the most sensitive data that a client can possess, making the cost of a network breakdown or data breach exceptionally high. However, this deep concern for security often comes at a meaningful cost. Many law firms rely on trusted

Do More with Mobile: How iPhones and iPads Can Help Lawyers Be More Productive When Working from Home

Have you suddenly become one of the millions of professionals around the world forced into full-time working from home in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic? This post has been written to give you some ideas on how you can make the most of the new dynamic, and help your firm in the process. Truly

Why Inadequate Mobile Technology May Be Costing Your Law Firm Money and Time

The billable hour has always been the lifeblood of any law firm, and many lawyers (especially early on in their careers) are tasked with hitting billable hour targets that can exceed 2,300 hours per year. Achieving this volume of hours means that the typical lawyer needs to bill more than 40 hours per week—this does

The Lives of Lawyers: How to Find the Right Job Out of Law School

Getting a job out of law school can be a daunting task. There are so many factors at play such as grades and class ranking, interview skills, interviewer’s personality, and plain old luck. For many students, the natural next step is to turn to career placement at their respective law schools. In their marketing materials,

Life Hacks for Lawyers: Always Be Prepared to Work from Home

As of the writing of this post, it seems impossible to open your inbox or read the news or simply browse social media without hearing about the novel coronavirus. But the reality is undeniable—COVID-19 is spreading globally, and many businesses, including law firms, are requiring employees to work from home. Even at law firms that