Life Hacks for Lawyers: The Power of Listening

This year’s Wolters Kluwer Future Ready Lawyer survey surfaced a fascinating insight—there is a significant gap between corporate legal departments’ expectations and law firms’ ability to deliver on them. This was evidenced across numerous parameters, but the most jarring one was probably that only 26% of in-house counsel reported that they were “very satisfied” with

Life Hacks for Lawyers: Are You Taking Advantage of Your Browser’s Productivity Features?

Every lawyer spends some portion of his or her day engaging with a browser like Google Chrome or Safari, whether for research or to engage with web-based applications. But while many of us are accustomed to having a dual monitor set-up in our offices that allows us to easily navigate between different windows, we may

Life Hacks for Lawyers: Always Be Prepared to Work from Home

As of the writing of this post, it seems impossible to open your inbox or read the news or simply browse social media without hearing about the novel coronavirus. But the reality is undeniable—COVID-19 is spreading globally, and many businesses, including law firms, are requiring employees to work from home. Even at law firms that