Powered by edge computing, ZERØ helps users be more productive and generate more revenue without ever compromising on security.


zero technology require pin MDM
Require PIN: When this policy is configured, all ZERØ users are required to set a PIN code. There is a limit for user PIN unlock attempts. On the 10th invalid login attempt, all local data stored on the device is deleted. Administrators can set the complexity of the passcode. Once the PIN has been set, the user can also access the application using biometric authentication (Touch ID or Face ID).
zero technology auto_lock

Auto-lock: By default, the user is required to enter the PIN every time he or she wishes to log into the application. The administrator can set the time interval, set in minutes, after which the user is able to login without re-entering the PIN.

zero technology prevent_data_leak
Prevent data leakage: This policy enables administrators to enforce restrictions on users and prevent them from exposing content. When enabled, users are not able to copy, cut, or paste data from an open screen to the clipboard. In this configuration, the Print Screen key is also disabled.


ZERØ’s architecture was designed to provide flexibility, the highest levels of security, and ease of installation.

Because ZERØ operates inside of the device, it always remains completely within your firm’s security perimeter. No whitelisting, firewall exemptions, or other complex configurations are required, although law firms can easily adapt ZERØ to their unique security standards. Using an MDM platform, ZERØ can be set up and launched in two hours or less, and it supports all major SSO solutions for authentication.

ZERØ-to-Exchange Connection

ZERØ communicates with the MS Exchange Server via the ActiveSync protocol and supports all major MDM systems (Airwatch, MaaS360, MobileIron and others).

ZERØ-to-DMS/Billing Connection

ZERØ supports iManage and NetDocuments integration via the Rest API.

Notifications & Licenses Server

To manage active licenses, the ZERØ application connects to the Licenses server via the Rest API. The server stores the number of active licenses for each client. The Notifications server is used to support real-time notifications for new emails via APNS (Apple Push Notification Service). The server stores device tokens only — no logins, passwords, or sensitive data are stored outside of the firm’s infrastructure.

Note: Both the licenses and the notification server are optional and are available through a pay-per-use model or for on-premises deployment.


When a client has chosen to embrace the value of ZERØ, we deploy a Client Services team dedicated to ensuring the successful implementation of our solutions. We employ our services with a special focus on what makes the firm unique, offering dedicated project management that fits the culture of the firm.

implementation methodology
Organized and clear methodology
zero deployment ownership
ZERØ maintains ownership of deployment
quality assurance
Thorough quality assurance testing in the client environment
Personalized training that respects the valuable time of firm staff
zero technology_security_diagram
Dedicated hyper-care support during and after implementation

Our process

At ZERØ, we provide a high level of project management and white glove service throughout the implementation period. Our engagement process, led by our Head of Client Services, is guided by a clear methodology developed after decades of combined experience deploying legal technology at some of the world’s largest law firms. ZERØ's team is staffed by an integrated team of technologists and implementation specialists, armed with doctorates in Computer Science and true subject matter expertise. This model allows for a personalized experience for each client.

  1. Project initiation

    The ZERØ Project Manager begins the process of project planning and progress tracking; managing resources within ZERØ; producing status and progress reports; flagging risks and issues to ZERØ and client personnel. This phase includes a pre-implementation review of the client’s current environment and the production of project documentation.

  2. Statement of work

    Our team creates a statement of work that is clear and tailored to each client, based on the desired features and the current technology stack.

  3. Project planning

    Our team works closely with the client to create a project plan and design that ties closely to the original statement of work. That said, the plan is established to be aware of outliers to the original objectives to present a holistic view of how the project will unfold. ZERØ utilizes an advanced online collaborative project management and cadence portal where all project materials are transparently shared in a collaborative way with the client.

  4. Quality assurance and testing

    Our team tests ZERØ within the client’s environment to ensure that it is functioning seamlessly. Once ZERØ is satisfied with the deployment, only then do we pass the project off to the client team for their own User Acceptance Testing. ZERØ supports the client through this entire testing cycle, providing functional testing scripts to help support this endeavor.

    ZERØ also works with the client to understand their tolerance for change. If required, a pilot can be run with the solution to ensure generalized acceptance and adoption of the solution for the firm.

  5. Training

    Our team provides tailored, personalized training available to all users, as well as intuitive and detailed online training videos for many of the core ZERØ functions.

  6. Firmwide rollout

    Once the solutions has proven to be successful, ZERØ is ready to be rolled out to the firm. Our team will work with the client deployment team to ensure many facets of change management in order to deliver effectively to the wider audience.

  7. Post-Production Support

    Once the firm goes live with the ZERØ solution, an extended period of hyper-care begins. Our implementation team remains intact until the solution is deemed stable and that indicators are present on adoption of the solution. We then work with our support team to ensure a seamless and considerate transfer of your firm into a post-project status.