Using Incremental Change to Make the Most Out of Technology Implementations - Zero

With the increasing creation and adoption of automation and intelligent technology, the last few years have generated incredible potential to help law firms resolve their practice inefficiencies. However, these technology-based solutions have frequently failed to produce the desired results. That is because technology innovation in the legal space, in a technical sense, has developed faster than the ability of most firms to process and integrate these new and powerful — yet complex — tools. And what law firms are quickly learning is that vast sums of money spent on acquiring tools will not actually translate into efficiency gains if their users never actually learn to use these tools — or, even worse, get up to speed on the tools but find no value in their implementation.

In this article, Ryan Steadman, ZERØ CRO, discusses how law firm innovation projects must start with humans, not technology. Without a deep understanding of your users and your current law firm systems, it will be impossible to implement a successful initiative.

This article was originally published in The American Lawyer [subscription required].