Companion for Outlook

ZERØ Outlook Companion

Automatically file emails into your
DMS with the click of a button.

ZERØ's Desktop Companion not only eliminates the measurable drag of time spent manually filing emails, but also saves the cognitive disruption lawyers face because of constant filing interruptions. By automating these administrative tasks, ZERØ allows lawyers to focus with unwavering attention on their clients’ needs and on creating more value for their firms.


Predictive filing

With hyper-accurate predictive filing powered by proprietary machine learning and natural language processing algorithms, ZERØ allows for a filing prediction for every email that arrives in a lawyer’s inbox. ZERØ identifies the client, matter, author, and document type. It can also separate personal emails from client/matter related emails. The email’s destination is clearly visible in a separate column, making the decision process for filing as easy as one click.

Batch filing

With batch filing on ZERØ's Desktop Companion, a user can select as many emails as she or he would like at once and file them all with one click. The emails will then be filed to their appropriate destinations. The filing process happens in the background without affecting Outlook productivity. A lawyer can keep working on his or her emails while ZERØ files existing messages quietly, out of sight.

Automatic filing

Users can take filing processes to a new level with ZERØ’s automatic filing feature. Smart algorithms will automatically file every email that arrives in the inbox to the appropriate destination without input from the user. The system does not file internal or personal emails and will skip filing emails with personally identifiable information or when the destination is not 100% certain.

New techniques for inbox organization

Since ZERØ knows the destinations for client/matter related emails, it gives users the ability to sort or group emails by client/matter and filing status. This capability allows users to effortlessly see all emails related to a matter grouped in a single location.