Work less and achieve more with AI-powered email management

ZERØ Lite provides all of the benefits of ZERØ's AI-powered email management software—without requiring a document management system. Using ZERØ Lite, lawyers can easily and effortlessly manage their inboxes from their mobile devices and capture more billable time, allowing them to focus on practicing law.


Predictive Email Filing to Outlook Folders

ZERØ's predictive email filing capabilities allow lawyers to move emails to their corresponding Outlook folders in bulk directly from their mobile devices. Lawyers no longer need to worry about spending hours on inbox organization—ZERØ can do it for them with the tap of a button.


Supercharged Inbox Organization


ZERØ's embedded AI allows lawyers to sort their inboxes using smart filters that can display emails by importance, sender, and more. By making it easier for lawyers to access the messages they need when they need them, ZERØ helps them save time and focus on higher value work.


Mobile Time Capture


ZERØ is the only AI-powered technology to automate instant capture of billable interaction with client email on mobile devices, helping lawyers capture more of the billable work they already do. In addition to automatically recording the billable time spent on email, the time capture feature creates a precise time record narrative. ZERØ then feeds these time records directly into the firm’s time entry system of choice for review, edit, and posting.


Data Security

Edge-computing-based mobile security

Personal data privacy and security are key priorities for ZERØ. Our unique machine learning algorithms run directly on a user’s device and never send the user's data for processing outside of their device. ZERØ’s application keeps personal data private, does not store user’s emails on third party servers, and communicates directly with the email service provider.

Data loss prevention

ZERØ’s data loss prevention algorithms will prevent users from sending emails and confidential documents to the wrong recipients. ZERØ knows exactly who belongs to a matter or thread and will warn the user if a potential wrong recipient has been added.


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