Zero Steps Out: Introduces Embedded A.I. for Email Management and Document Management Systems, across Mobile and Desktop

New York and Los Gatos (CA), August 16th 2018 – Several thousand years ago an ancient Chinese philosopher observed that a journey of a thousand miles began with a single step. The team at Zero would disagree. They believe in several steps at once. Leaps, even.

Based in Los Gatos, California, Zero applies artificial intelligence to law firm operations, beginning with email. True to their multitasking DNA, Zero’s flagship suite of products solves several difficult, critical problems simultaneously. Zero:

  • Automates filing emails into document management systems, using AI to identify the correct destination.
  • Tracks and auto-creates time transactions (including narratives) for client work done on mobile devices. Just like the old days.
  • Delivers groundbreaking AI-powered email productivity tools engineered specifically for law firms.

But for Zero, this is just the beginning. Another big step? The announcement that industry veteran and thought leader Ryan Steadman, most recently Customer Value Engineer at Tikit, has agreed to join the company’s executive team as Chief Revenue Officer. Said Alex Babin, CEO of Zero “For several years, Ryan has worked closely with a number of early-stage AI vendors to address a variety of legal business processes. In addition to driving revenue, he will help shape our product roadmap to tackle the business challenges experienced by law firms. We’re delighted he’s joining the team.”

Said Steadman, “Zero is an extraordinarily innovative and refreshing legal tech company that’s successfully developed and delivered an embedded AI engine that streamlines how lawyers and support staff interact with email and document management systems. There’s nothing else like it. I’m excited and motivated to introduce Zero’s technology to the industry.” In addition to Tikit, Steadman’s resume includes senior posts at Tata Consulting and Thomson Reuters Elite.

The next step? How about onto the desktop? At ILTACON 2018, Zero will unveil its Outlook add-in, which brings artificial intelligence to the desktop inbox. Zero for Desktop allows users both unprecedented speed and accuracy in filing emails into document management systems, along with complete control. Users can file emails individually, in batches, or automatically, with a single touch.

The initial release of Zero for Desktop is fully integrated with both the iManage and NetDocuments platforms. With this offering, Zero’s technology can operate seamlessly both in and out of the office, enabling attorneys to realize measurable gains in productivity, efficiency and revenue anywhere.

Final step? ILTACON 2018 represents Zero’s official debut – stepping onto the stage in the legal technology marketplace. After years of engineering research, the assembly of a world-class technical and executive team and extensive testing with early-adopter clients, Zero is formally introducing itself in a distinctive black booth — #134. In a very real sense, Zero is using the industry’s biggest event to declare itself open for business.

And ready to take the next step. And the one after that. And the one after that.



  • Bernie Toledano

    As ZERØ’s Head of Marketing, Bernie is responsible for overall marketing strategy, brand management, and lead generation initiatives. Prior to joining ZERØ, Bernie was the AVP of Marketing and Communications at a global real asset investment firm, where she led and operationalized the marketing strategy across several subsidiaries and built the company’s marketing technology infrastructure from the ground up.